Red Eye Devil - Neobarrettia spinosa (Update)
About 2 weeks have passed since I have my new pet. The adult males are still making the calling song while adult females are still
gobbling up crickets. Although they can be strictly carnivores, I have actually noticed diets like lettuce and fresh fruits are very much
welcome too, although they do not hesitate to pounce on prey of any size. I had place a mis-molted adult female violin mantis in a
female’s cage and she immediate jumped on it (See pic below).
N. spinosa is more of an ambush predator but that doesn’t mean they do not stalk a prey. Once the prey falls into N. spinosa spiny grip
it is basically no escape. Once a prey is captured, N. spinosa will chomp down the prey’s head right away.
Sometimes, this species of katydid is so eager to catch the prey that it turn upside turn during the act, but will still hold on tight to the
prey. Just like the katydid in the pic below with a lobster roach. I have stopped keeping any type of roaches after an allergic test on me
reveal that i am super allergic to roach. So i am happy to put this roach that slipped away in the cage of this predatory katydid.
There is always a chance that wild caught adult females have been mated in the wild. I have noticed the females moving its ovipositor
in up and down movement, I assumed that is the indication she is going to lay eggs. I placed some peat moss in a plastic container or
just dumped the dirt inside the cage as substrate, sure enough the female starting to insert the ovipositor into the dirt.
A day later I found plenty of tan color grain size egg similar to the shape of rice.
The eggs are about 5-7 mm in size. I am hoping to keep them in the peat moss and hope the eggs will hatch in next Spring. Anyone
knowing a better incubating method for this type of katydid  please email me at! Any help is welcome!
Following is a short clip of female laying eggs (click on the picture). The background chirping sound is actually coming from the adult
male, mating call I assumed.
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