Ghost Mantis Log (Page 2)
Phyllocrania paradoxa)
(2-4-2007) One of my ootheca from Poland hatched out 3 dozens of ghost mantis nymphs on 01-28-2007. today, another ootheca
from Denmark hatched out 16 nymphs. The L1 from first hatch started to take fruit flies.
Second hatch
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(2-7-2007) For the past two days, two ghost ooth hatched in as many days. 15 nymphs and 10 nymphs hatched from two separate
ooth. I will have some available for sale soon.
(2-15-2007) All the first batch had molted into L2, in fact, few L1 nymphs from second batch started to molt into L2. But today,
another 2 oothecae hatched out about 15 nymphs. I guess the number is getting less due to the fact that it is the last few ooth. But
i am just glad any of them hatched.
(2-20-2007) Some ghost mantis molted into L3 now, and it is easier to sex them now at this stage, where the triangle shield is
female and diamond shape shield indicates male.
(3-1-2007) Couple more ghost ootheca hatched. The oldest are L4 and feeding house fly without problem. Right now i have
nymphs of different stages from L1 to L4.
(3-10-2007) Another 2 ghost ooth hatched, as usual, early in the morning. The oldest are now L5 and taking longer to molt each
time. They are all feeding on house fly now. I am struggling as to whether I should continue keeping ghost mantis, they are lovely
species. I think i will keep them for now.
First  hatch
(3-15-2007) I have many of them at L5 already and taking house fly without problem. I am thinking of sending most of them to a
bug show later this month.
(3-22-2007) I have decided to keep some for the next generation. They can be sexed based on the shield pattern at this stage.
Triangle large shield = female and diamond shape shield = male.
(4-29-07) It has been a while since i last update on this species. I acquired some sub-subadult pair and now they are on the verge
of getting into adult with wing bud getting apparent. Blue bottle flies are the main food at the moment and they are all living happily
together without any cannibalism. Great space saving species!! Frequent spraying is still recommended as they seems to enjoy
all kind of wetness!
(5-12-2007) Finally, two of my female matured into adult. Now I can only wish the male matured into adult soon!! I am starting to
feed the female all kinds of foods such as blue bottle, wild flying insects, crickets, etc. Lets hope all females will be a wonderful
(6-16-2007)Several of the ghost mantis female produced oothecae, i have keep them with the male together but i wonder did they
actually mated. Well, only time will tell, that is if the ootheca hatch.
(7-19-2007)First of the oothecae hatched!! i hope the rest will continue to hatch. About 16 hatched out for the first ooth. I left all
adults in a net cage, i saw an ooth that look like a catepillar (see pic below), and one of my adult ghost male mantis was totally
devoured by a female....bummer!! guess they are not totally communal, especially when there are adult females around.
(7-25-2007)Second ooth hatched couple of days ago. About 20 nymphs hatched out, they appear to be mor active than the first
batch and not too keen on food even after 2 days since hatching out. I am misting them more often and increase the temperature,
hopefully that would let them pick up the appetite.